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How To Select The Perfect Candidate For Your Business

How To Select The Perfect Candidate For Your Business

Selecting the perfect candidate for your business can be a bit tricky because there are so many individuals out there who are talented and skilled and well qualified. The certain factors that set them apart like their personality are the things that you as an employer need to pick on. Here are some of the ways in which you can make the hiring process easier and pick the right candidate.

Advertise the Correct Job Description

Most employers try to outdo themselves when advertising for employment which brings them al of the wrong candidates. Most recruitment services Singapore, because they know the field well, tend to advertise rather directly with all of the role outlined as much as possible and the usage of sharp and impactful images. However, less experienced bosses can try to use a lot of fancy words and in an attempt to make it look like the business is an innovative one, come across as all over the place to the potential employee.

Shortlist Correctly

Shortlisting happens to be the toughest part of the hiring process even for the most seasoned HR services experts. What you need to do is compare the final bunch of cvs that you have against the criteria that is needed for the position an pick those that have the most amount of components ticked right on them. At least, if that is not the case, look for somebody with definitive proof of being flexible and quick learning that will give you the chance to groom them without too much of training and development.

Have Strong Interviews

You should never ask open ended questions like ‘what would you like to achieve in your life?’ it throws off the potential employee too and it does you the disadvantage of not getting you a good insight into the level of drive in the individual. Instead close and strengthen the question by saying ‘where do you see yourself professionally in the time of five years?’ here, the employee knows what to include in the answer and you get to measure their ambition, passion, direction and vision.

Always Check References

The majority of companies today, take it easy when it comes t the reference check which is now no longer a secret with the people getting interviewed. There are ample stories of fake references that have been provided, which is why you should insist on references whose credentials can be traced. For example if there are the details of a managing director of the previous place that this individual has worked for, make sure to get their office email address and office contact number.